Woman wearing a crossbody purse in pink, orange and purple
Purse in orange and pink made from recycled paragliders, with a purple zipper and teal strap.
Person wearing a black crossbody purse made from paragliders.
Black crossbody convertable bag made from recycled paragliders.
Purse in white and teal with a bright green zipper and an aqua crossbody cord strap.

The Paraglider U Bag

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About this item:

This is not just another crossbody bag, hip bag, belly bag, whatever you want to call it. This, is a U.BAG and it might just make your life a little lighter. These bags are super easy to wear, light weight and they tell an amazing story of a life spent gliding through they sky. They can be worn multiple ways, simply by moving the metal clasp up or down a loop in the paracord strap. U.BAGs are perfect for dog walks, bike rides and errands around the city. They are so lightweight you can almost forget you are wearing it. 

Item Sustainability:

U.BAGs are made from ripstop nylon, cut from retired paragliders. With time, paragliders become too worn out or too damaged to fly. Usually they are then sent straight to the landfill, but if they are lucky, they live on as one of Viv Goods bags!  Sustainably made in Berlin, Germany.

Care & Quality:

Necklace is 24K gold-plated. 1/4" in width. 17-1/2" in length with 2" extender.

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