Dumortierite Bracelet, Moon

Satya Jewelry

The depths of the midnight sky are such that they seem to go on forever. Get lost in their beauty with this bracelet, which features dumortierite and a moon pendant, inspiring you to tap into the goddess within.

  • Dumortierite Gemstone: Positivity, Communication, Self-Dicipline
  • Moon: Nourishment, Protection, Goddess Energy
  • 18kt gold plated over brass
  • 7-1/4" diameter, stretch

Behind the Brand
Designed by Satya, a philanthropist, yoga teacher & reiki practitioner, each piece is meant to inspire inner "truth" to each wearer.  Proceeds are donated to the Satya Foundation, pairing with several non-profits dedicated to the education, mental and physical health of children and young girls in the US and in India.  Learn more about the Satya Foundation and their charity partners HERE.

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