Dreamcatcher Hair Ties


Kitsch Hair Ties

Hey free spirited gal, adorn yourself with these Dreamcatcher Hair Ties in a mix of bohemian prints and textures.This 5 piece set features a feather print, white lace, dreamcatcher print, studs, chevron print!

  • Nylon and Spandex
  • Avoid excess water to help keep as nice as possible. Hand wash & air dry flat.
  • Made in USA & China
  • One Size (includs 5 knotted ties!)

About Kitsch
Kitsch Hair ties are specially designed to be kind on your hair and cute on your wrist, meaning they are crease-less and do not bend your ponytail or get caught in your hair - plus they double as a fashionable bracelet! Each unique combination allows the wearer to express their personal creativity and individuality, all while maintaining the functionality of a classic hair elastic.

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