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Kitsch Hair Ties

There’s no denying it, everyone loves basics.  For those who simply love to match and blend, Kitsch’s “Basics” headbands have all the go-to colors you’ll ever need. They look perfect with any outfit, and like all Kitsch elastics, are gentle on your hair.

  • Black, Brown & Blonde.

    Hair Ties by Kitsch are specially designed to be kind on your hair and cute on your wrist, meaning they are crease-less and do not bend your ponytail or get caught in your hair and they double as a fashionable bracelet. Our one-of-a-kind ponytail holders come in various colors, assortments, prints, and patterns. Each unique combination allows the wearer to express their personal creativity and individuality all while maintaining the functionality of a classic hair elastic.

    These hair ties are great to use during your fitness routine, taking to a concert, at the office, in class, or relaxing at home. And you can rest assured they are made from super soft, super durable elastic so they will never bend, crease or get tangled in your hair.  We're confident that these are the best hair bands you'll find.

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