Introducing Bella Dahl: Laid-back Sustainable Style


Who wouldn’t want to look stylish and put together, but feel like you haven’t taken off your pajamas? Bella Dahl has built a loyal following due to its ultra-soft clothing, drawing on the brand's laid-back Southern California roots. Hand-dyed, treated, and tested in Los Angeles, the brand's claim to fame is its Tencera fabric.

What is Tencera?

Tencera is Bella Dahl's proprietary fabric and wash treatment. The denim material is super-soft and made with plant-based Tencel. This type of Tencel comprises 70 percent of Bella Dahl’s products, including tops, dresses, rompers, and bottoms.

A brand name of a type of eco-friendly Lyocell, Tencel is a sturdy synthetic fiber made from cellulose. The cellulose fiber is created by dissolving wood pulp and spinning it into yarn that can be woven or knitted like any other fabric.

Bell Dahl's Tencera fibers undergo extra breakdown processes and a special wash. This gives Tencera its ultra-soft feel, sleek finish, and beautiful drape, making it a bit softer than other Tencel products. The fabric is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It's made from trees managed for sustained harvest. Tencera is also produced using a recycled, non-toxic solvent. The process yields a fabric that is very soft, absorbent, durable when dry or wet, and wrinkle-resistant.

Shop Bella Dahl today and add stylish, luxuriously comfortable pieces like tops, pants, dresses, and shorts to your wardrobe.

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