Fashion: Responsibly Made

Join the community of women who are shopping their values without sacrificing style.

What You Buy Matters

Don't waste another dollar supporting fast-fashion brands that thrive by exploiting garment workers and destroying our planet. You can empower companies and help grow small businesses who are doing the right thing, just by shopping responsibly instead of at the big chain stores.

We understand how confusing it can be to navigate the world of fashion

We do the work:


Sophie Stargazer makes ethical shopping a breeze... and educational!


Sarah M, team member

Having my brand proudly carried by Sophie Stargazer means we're hitting the mark with being an ethical, local company.

Brittney Hippensteel, owner of Hamilton Wax Candles

In a world where fashion moves fast, it's lovely to find a place that puts an emphasis on ethical and fashionable makers.

Steph B, local customer

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